Customized products

We produce dryers for the healtcare industry, condensing units for professional cloth dryers and heat recovery units for professional dishwashers.


Dryer for washer-disinfectors

For heat recovery and air drying in the healthcare industry, we supply a large manufacturer with parts for a range of premium washer-disinfectors. The washer-disinfectors reduce energy consumption and drying time with 20 – 40 % with smart technology.

Airflow range from 150 – 800 Nm3/h

Condensing unit for professional cloth dryers

The condensing unit provides the same drying capacity as an evacuating dryer but without the disadvantages with moisture, particles and smell.

Airflow range from 150 – 350 Nm3/h

Heat recovery units for professional dishwashers

The unit efficiently reduce steam and moisture in the drying process. The heat recovery and reduced steam creates a better working environment and lower energy consumption.